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NetApp Software Development Solutions

Leading Software Development Teams Rely on NetApp to Reduce Cost and Accelerate Innovation and Time to Market.

Software development is a continuous cycle of improvements. You constantly push the limits of your software offerings by updating, extending, and integrating existing programs, building new applications, and deploying new packaged applications.

Companies like Oracle, IBM, and SAP understand this process well, because software development is at the core of their business.

Whether yours is a large software development company or an enterprise automating its business processes, you recognize the application development lifecycle–requirements gathering, analysis, design, build, configuration, and management of related artifacts. More importantly, you are aware of the challenges inherent in the process. Each iteration of the software development lifecycle brings with it enormous amounts of data and ever-increasing demands for storage and storage management.

Understanding and addressing the storage challenges related to the software development process enable your development teams to speed up delivery of your products and at the same time drive down your costs. Leading software development innovators rely on NetApp storage solutions to help them build products faster and reduce their overall development costs.

Accelerating software development innovation and time to market

Data management issues can delay software development projects by days, weeks, months, or even years, greatly hindering your company´s ability to deliver innovative products to market in an aggressive time frame. With NetApp as your storage solution partner, you have a data management plan in place that is as good as your business plan. Our storage solution ensures consistent peak performance, enables collaborative development environments, and delivers high availability for your software development projects. Without these critical components, you lose your competitive advantage.

Reducing costs

NetApp provides software development teams with the ultimate in data performance, scalability, interoperability, availability, and protection–all resulting in a lower total cost of ownership (TCO). In addition, NetApp solutions increase your developers´ productivity, reduce your operating costs through improved asset utilization, shortens your software development cycles, and gives your storage environment the flexibility you need–all contributing to lower overall software development costs.

Breakthrough performance and scalability

Enable non-disruptive capacity expansion and quick performance upgrades from entry-level to high-end configurations.

Ultimate collaboration for software development

Development teams can maximize file sharing across all platforms through native NAS (NFS and CIFS), SAN, and iSCSI support.

Highest availability

Continuous data availability meets the needs of software development environments.

Unrivaled productivity

Manage increasing storage needs and growing development teams with ease, enabling software developers to focus on their core competencies–designing and developing next-generation software solutions.

Maximum asset utilization

NetApp FlexVol® technology pools storage resources automatically and enables developers to allocate storage on demand.

More flexibility

The Data ONTAP® operating system combines the “just-in-time” storage advantages of thin provisioning with policy-based control for optimal application-level flexibility.

NetApp Storage Systems

NetApp’s storage systems offer unmatched business agility, superior application uptime, simplicity of management, and breakthrough value for your enterprise.

Key Points:

  • Architectural simplicity – we maximize the impact of your IT investment.
  • Integrated data management – our high-productivity storage and data management tools are designed to optimize integration with your servers and business applications.
  • Advanced data protection – our leading backup and recovery, disaster recovery, and data security solutions ensure your peace of mind.

Our NetApp unified storage architecture provides you with the most flexible and scalable storage and data management platform in the industry. Our innovative solutions deliver new alternatives to expand possibilities for you.

Your storage demands are growing. We can help.

Our unified storage architecture uses just one set of software and processes across all tiers of storage. This lowers your administrative costs and makes it easier for you to deploy new capabilities across your enterprise.

All NetApp storage systems are configured with our Data ONTAP operating system. A single process for activities such as installation, provisioning, mirroring, backup, and upgrading is used throughout our entire product line. Having a single set of software and processes brings unrivaled simplicity to your complex enterprise data management.

Unifying storage and data management software and processes reduces the complexity of data ownership, enables you to adapt to changing business conditions without interruption, and results in a dramatic reduction in total cost of ownership.

  • FAS6000 Series
  • FAS3100 Series
  • FAS3000 Series
  • FAS2000 Series
  • S Family
  • Data ONTAP GX Systems
  • NearStore on FAS
  • NetApp VTL
  • V6000 Series
  • V3100 Series
  • V3000 Series
  • Information Server – IS1200
  • Storage Acceleration Appliance
  • Performance Acceleration Module